Preservation Chicago Visited the Shrine!!


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This Saturday, Preservation Chicago’s annual bus tour visited the Shrine! The group enjoyed a beautiful blue sky above the Shrine’s open-air roof and a hard-hat tour of the interior led by Canon Stein.

Ward Miller, the Executive Director of Preservation Chicago, said: “Everyone agreed that the visit to the Shrine was one of the great highlights of our annual “Chicago 7 Most Endangered and Threatened Buildings Tour” for 2016.  The exterior of the church building shimmered on this beautiful day, and the stonework and craftsmanship of the front facade and the tower were remarkable in the blazing sun.”

When the Shrine was threatened with demolition, Preservation Chicago accepted pledges to save it. Now, the tour group appreciated the restoration work enabled by these funds: “We were all very happy to see the progress and the debris cleared away and of course are hoping for a reconstruction of the roof membrane, before the onset of cold weather.”

If you or your group would like to schedule a visit to the Shrine, please contact us at

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