Special Announcement from Kennedy-King College

Our neighbor Kennedy-King College’s film students were back at the Shrine making a follow-up to the video they produced last winter as a part of Landmarks Illinois’ “People Saving Places” video project. On Wednesday, December 6th, Kennedy-King College hosted two screenings of the new video! We will share the inspiring new video with you as soon it is available. In the meantime, we couldn’t wait to share Professor Enid Wells’ surprise announcement after the screenings: Kennedy-King’s film students will make a video on the Shrine’s progress each semester until the first mass in the building!!  We are so grateful to Professor Wells, Dean Darby, their students and everyone at Kennedy-King College for their generous support. We are also grateful to Landmarks Illinois for making this wonderful partnership with a local educational institution possible.

Special thanks to Ward Miller of Preservation Chicago and Bill Kenney of the Northern Illinois Historic League along with a number of Shrine faithful and friends for attending the afternoon screening!

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