Special Visitors to the Shrine!

In January, we were thrilled to welcome Nina Mesfin, a senior at Yale University, to #SeetheShrine! Nina is writing her senior thesis on “The Preservation of Chicago’s Churches as Sites of Cultural Heritage”!! It was a delight to meet Nina and we were inspired by her insightful questions about the quest to preserve the Shrine. We are thrilled that the Shrine’s story is being told in academic writing and we look forward to reading Nina’s thesis in May. Special thanks to Ward Miller, Executive Director of Preservation Chicago, for coming to speak with Nina about the preservation of the Shrine.

In February, we had the pleasure of welcoming Jim Kemp of US Trust to the Shrine! Jim has been involved with many efforts to preserve historic churches in St. Louis. We are so grateful for his sage advice in growing Save the Shrine and for his willingness to share the Shrine’s story with his network. Jim also took stunning photographs during his visit including the cover photo for our Winter 2018 Newsletter!


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