Mark F. Scheuerell

Dear Mr. Marzalik-

I am writing to you to request that in your position as Director of Business Transactions you seriously reconsider your decision on behalf of the Archdiocese to demolish the Shrine of The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest located at 6401 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. I understand that there are at least five proposals for this historic landmark church that have been prepared and I respectfully ask that you review these aforementioned proposals. I understand that these proposals would relieve the Archdiocese of all legal and financial liability.  Don’t you think that as the steward of this asset it would make sense to at least listen and consider these proposals if at a minimum from a financial point of view?

Certainly, decisions regarding the demolition of a church often is a painful matter especially for those parishioners affected by it, but at the same time I would hope that in your heart you will be able to at least consider alternative options especially if they would alleviate the Archdiocese of all financial and legal liability and at the same time ensure that future generations of Catholics will have a sacred space of historical significance within which to worship and to praise almighty God. 

I pray that you will at least consider my request.

Pax et bonum,


Mark F. Scheuerell



Sent: 01/15/2016

Lay Faithful, Archdiocese of Chicago

Mark’s parents attended the Shrine in the 1940s when it was St. Clara’s