Rahpheal Hunter, Woodlawn

Good afternoon gentlemen,

I am writing as a concerned member of the Woodlawn community.  I understand both of you have significant influence, and I would hope, interest in the preservation of the Shrine church located at 6401 S. Woodlawn.  Several of our community members have shared the findings of the engineering report commissioned by the Archdiocese, none of which indicates that the building must be demolished after the terrible fire that took place several months ago.   

The Woodlawn community is a strong one, filled with a diverse and engaged population.  Significant work has been done to rebuild what Woodlawn once was and the Shrine is a cornerstone of our community.  Too many buildings across Chicago are left abandoned, despite their potential to be viable and beautiful additions to our neighborhoods.  

As a father, a professional and a citizen, I know that there are opportunities for us to rebuild the Church.  Just look at the work we did to rebuild and beautify the viaducts under 66th and 67th street over the past year.  We have an opportunity to show the next generation and the rest of the Chicago what it means to take care and do what is right.  I implore each of you to do just this.

Thank you for your time.  I look forward to hearing back from you.

Rahpheal Hunter

Sent: 01/19/2016

Woodlawn Resident