Miss Dolores Weber

January 21, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Today is the feast of the Epiphany.

It was nine years ago to this date my family first attended Mass at the Shrine of Christ the King.  Little did I know back then as a 13 year old that I would be writing this letter begging you to not tear it down today.  It has been an absolute blessing to see before my eyes the improvement of the neighborhood, in the expansion of the church congregation, and the developments of the Shrine’s restoration these past nine years.

Beneath the steeple of the Shrine I have seen the complex directly across the street be transformed into luxury apartments, I have seen brand new apartment buildings rise on the corner, I have seen windows be replaced in deserted homes around the block and a coffee shop be established – and run a successful business.  I have walked down to pray at the Oakwood   cemetery with our young adult group as neighbors shouted out their doors “Hey, how ya doing Fr. Michael!!” to our Canon. I have seen our alderman on a few occasions leaving our reception hall where he conducted a community meeting. Our young adult group has enjoyed visiting our neighbors at the “House of Hope” next door and put on talent shows for them. I’ve seen strangers and faithful alike sitting side by side in Church pews listening to the beautiful baroque concerts that were offered. And to top it off I have seen neighbors become parishioners and find our beautiful Catholic faith.  Just by spending a weekend at the Shrine you can see how this building is a place of hope for a reviving neighborhood. A beauty that once was and that can come back!!…..This is why we are doing all we can to #SaveTheShrine.

I beg of you to not destroy this sacred place that was a spiritual home for so many, and a beacon of hope for a reviving neighborhood.


Miss Dolores Weber

Parishioner of the Shrine of Christ the King