You’re Invited to the Save the Shrine Reunion!

Please mark your calendars for a Save the Shrine Reunion, Sunday April 22nd, from10:45-11:30 at Robust Coffee Lounge located at 6300 S. Woodlawn in Chicago, IL.

This is such an exciting time for the Shrine with the trusses going on, new organizational infrastructure in 2018, and so much more.  We’re excited to share with everyone where we are in terms of our 501(c)3 status, development and fundraising!! We’re also looking for feedback, input and ideas from our wider community (that’s you!!).

Further, we’re really hoping to use this time to brainstorm on better channels of communication among everyone working on the Shrine, and to follow up on some of the great ideas from our December 2016 meeting.

Please mark your calendars! RSVPs to would be super helpful too!

The Shrine’s New Roof is Coming!

February 28th marked the two-year anniversary of the Shrine being saved from demolition! Two years and much persistence later, it is looking very likely that the Shrine’s new roof will begin to go on soon!! The installation of the first truss is tentatively scheduled for sometime this week, the week of March 12th. When this happens, we are going to celebrate!! Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for breaking news!

Despite the cold weather, a lot of construction work carried on at the Shrine. The western interior elevation was covered in protective coating to keep temperatures warm enough for work to continue. Steel for the Shrine’s new roof has been fabricated throughout the winter.

Kennedy-King Produces Shrine Video!

Enjoy the second short film on the Shrine’s restoration made by our good neighbors, the students and faculty at Kennedy-King College’s Media and Communications Department! This video premiered at the college’s media showcase on December 6th, when Professor Enid Wells also announced that Kennedy-King will make a series of videos documenting the Shrine’s progress. We are so grateful to Kennedy-King and to Landmarks Illinois for this wonderful partnership!

Save the Shrine’s 501(c)3 Application Submitted!

After a year of hard work developing our organizational infrastructure, on Tuesday, February 20th, we signed all the forms needed for Save the Shrine’s 501(c)3 application!  Once the IRS approves the application, Save the Shrine will be able to receive tax-exempt donations independently of a fiscal sponsor. We will also be eligible to apply for grants that require applicants to be 501(c)3 organizations.

Our application was prepared pro bono by the law firm Jenner & Block. This was made possible by Save the Shrine’s dear friend Joe Gromacki. We are so grateful to Joe, attorney Olga Loy, and Jenner & Block for their generous assistance.